Frontier Distributing

Our Mission

Frontier Distributing builds strategic partnerships benefiting neighborhood pet stores, vendors, employees, and our community. As a trusted resource, we provide exceptional value through personal service and meaningful relationships.

Our Vision

We strive to support every neighborhood pet store in our market and sustain growth as a recognized leader in our industry and an employer of choice in our community.

Our History

Frontier Distributing was founded in 1986 by Mark Smith and Geoff Savage as Purina Service Center to distribute the new Pet Specialty only Pro Plan brand of dog and cat food. Although we are a young company, our roots in the pet and animal feed industry date back to the 1930’s.

Our Values

We foster a culture of honesty, transparency, empathy, and mutual understanding. Through ownership, we hold ourselves accountable, continuing to elevate the experience we provide to our partners as their extension in the marketplace.

We are a people-centric operation, promoting thoughtful, open communication and actively seeking the feedback of our internal and external stakeholders. Striving to create a place where people are considered of the highest value and differences are celebrated, we aim to empower our teams to improve themselves, the company, and the community.

United by a common goal, we understand that every interaction is an opportunity to create a lasting impression. Building on our history of a service-centered model, we are going above and beyond expectations to provide outstanding service, quality, and thoughtful innovation.

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We work to bring quality pet food and supplies to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania

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